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Art Institutes Microsite


Art Institutes Microsite

Ai is a system of over 30 nonprofit institutions throughout the U.S. providing education in creative studies such as Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Film and many more.
We created a web experience unique to High School students that provides relevant and personalized information as they prepare for college.

6 Week Agile Process  |  Built on Sitecore CMS  |  Tools: Sketch, InVision, Zeplin


User Experience
Interface Design

Project Scoping
Content Strategy & Mapping
Persona Definition
User Journey
Development Oversight
(supporting developers & copywriting, testing & QA)



Creative Director
Technical Architect
Front End Developer
Account Director
Project Managers

Art Institutes Stakeholders: 
VP Marketing
VP Information Technology


Highly Personalized & Relevant (a bit like a digital advisor)

For a truly helpful experience, we needed to cater to students at every level. Starting with a user journey & a content mapping exercise, we were able to tailor the content, voice & tone accordingly.

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The Right Content for Every Student

In order to prioritize content relevant to each student, the microsite utilizes geo targeting, as well as, tracks points of entry. Introducing an optional self selector at the beginning of the experience maximizes our ability to gain as much information as possible and deliver content that our users need and want.


Building the Future

Choosing a career path can be extremely overwhelming to most. We wanted to make the exploration stage fun and engaging while offering a bit of guidance. So the Future Finder quiz was built to suggest creative fields based  on a few questions that are a potential match. 

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Guided Experience That's Delightful & Fun

Simple scroll based navigation, clear messaging, clean & focused design, interactions that provide added visual cues and conversational voice and tone strive to help students find information they need quickly. 


Connected From Classroom to the Web

Starting the engagement process from an Admissions Representative's presentation in a classroom or a campus event, through SMS, and then transition into the microsite creates a more connected experience. Simple chat-based messaging makes it fun and non-intrusive. 


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