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Luxury Travel Website

Abercrombie & Kent
First engagement with Rightpoint to re-platform their website from a CMS system that lacked flexibility and efficiency for content authors onto Sitecore with minimal design optimizations.


Abercrombie & Kent

A global luxury travel company offering adventure and luxury vacations in the world's greatest destinations since 1962.

Our goal was to re-platform A&K's website onto Sitecore creating a more flexible and efficient process for content authors. With minimal design optimizations we needed to simplify the experience, make it easier to use for both first time & returning visitors while modernizing the overall appearance. 


User Experience
Art Direction
Interface Design

Led client discovery & sketching workshops
Project Planning
Competitive Analysis
Market Research
Design & Prototypes
Development Oversight
(supporting content authors & developers, testing & QA)



Account Manager
Project Manager
UX Director
Technical Architect
Front End Developer

A&K Stakeholders: 
EVP Marketing
VP Marketing
VP Information Technology
Director of Digital Strategy

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Simplify the Interface

Creating a simple, elegant and modern design system that accommodated existing content and imagery allowed us to impact the entire site & brand experience seamlessly.

Consistency, strong visual hierarchy and a minimal aesthetic help make content easy to digest and allow users to focus.


Easy-to-Navigate Experience That Satisfies Both First Time and Returning Visitors

In addition to employing accessibility best practices & optimizing the navigation, we introduced the Journey Finder - a new quick way for users to do initial travel research before calling A&K.


Modernize the Overall Appearance

More video integration brings the luxury travel experience right to you even before embarking on a trip. We delight & surprise with new beautiful A&K photography at each visit.

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The work surpassed expectations. As a result A&K continued engaging us for multiple additional projects.

This work really challenged me to design efficiently with many limitations yet create big impact. And I loved it (especially learning about all of the amazing trips that are now on my never ending bucket list!)

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Increased engagement

Improved Customer Experience

More Efficient CMS Workflow

Faster Load Time